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The Top 25 Causal Analysis Essay Topics For Successful Writing

When writing a causal analysis essay the one element to remember is to ask why. Your topic idea should ask why something happens or occurs. Your analysis would go into further detail to provide the answer to the question you have been looking for. You can ask why on a variety of topics and subjects, but when you do this you need to provide a clear explanation that shows your unique understanding.

Tips to Help Select a Good Topic

Causal analysis essay topics should ask a question you feel you can answer with solid research. You can review sample essays to get a general idea of what to write about and how to write it. You can also learn what information is essential for the topic of choice. Think about things you are curious about. Consider what information people should know about it. Review sources that can help you get the information you need. Choose something of interest to make the writing process easier.

Top 25 Topics to Consider for Your Causal Analysis Essay

The following ideas give a basic idea of what you could write about. You can review them and get ideas to brainstorm your own. A few are concepts easier to understand that can be explained in simple terms.

  1. Why are people scared of heights?
  2. How can a person be color-blind?
  3. What causes a person to fall in love?
  4. Why does cheese smell weird?
  5. Why does cancer develop?
  6. Why is there not a cure for various diseases?
  7. Why are there homeless people?
  8. Why do vehicles cost so much?
  9. Why are people shy?
  10. Why does a woman have a menstrual period?
  11. Why do teens smoke cigarettes?
  12. Why is it hard to quit smoking?
  13. Why do people have appetites?
  14. Why does a person commit suicide?
  15. Why do cats have tails?
  16. Why is healthy food good for you?
  17. Why do people forget things?
  18. What causes the common cold?
  19. What happens when it rains?
  20. What is the most common religion practiced?
  21. Why did World War II happen?
  22. Why are tornadoes so destructive?
  23. What makes a bird fly?
  24. Why do people love to read?
  25. What lead to the invention of soda pop?