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10 Great Ideas For Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

The main point of writing a persuasive essay is to get you to pick a side on an issue and then prove that side of the issue. It is a great way to teach students how to come up with a good argument to prove your thesis. In this type of paper a controversial topic is the best type of topic to choose because there is usually the same amount of information to support the issue as it does to oppose it.

  1. Abortion
  2. This has been a controversial issue for decades. You have to decide whether you agree that women should have the right to abort their babies or if you believe that it is wrong to destroy a fetus.

  3. Animal testing
  4. Is it morally right to test vaccines on animals even if they will help prevent people from suffering horrible deaths from these deadly diseases?

  5. Marijuana legalization
  6. Alcohol is seen as a way worse drug than marijuana so why is it legal and marijuana isn’t? Could it be that there is not enough known about the effects?

  7. Fur for fashion
  8. Some people believe that animals should not be killed for clothing, jewelry, and shoes and others think that it is worth the sacrifice.

  9. Stem cell research
  10. Is it okay to destroy a fetus to help learn ways to cure diseases?

  11. Interracial adoption
  12. Does it matter if you are raised in a household with different cultural beliefs or should it really just depend on giving the child a better life?

  13. Capital punishment
  14. Does capital punishment really work or is it just cruel?

  15. Same sex marriages
  16. Is there any logical reason why two individuals of the same sex can’t get married?

  17. Censorship on the internet
  18. There is so much information on the internet that may need to be censored or is this a violation of our rights?

  19. Sex education in school
  20. Should it be up to the parents to teach their kids about sex education in school or is it appropriate?

These controversial topics will work great for you when you are writing your persuasive essay. The next step is to write up an outline so that you can organize your ideas so that you can concentrate on proving your thesis. Concentrate on some specific ways to prove your point so that you can study out how to write a law paper successfully.