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The Top 10 Most Interesting Possible Essay Topics For College

So you know it’s looming, your parents and teachers have been asking you for the last week and you keep fobbing them off…

“How’s the assignment coming along?”

The task of writing your masterpiece shouldn’t feel like a huge drag, and if you choose the right topic, it won’t. Choosing the right topic for you is absolutely pivotal, however, there is no one solution that is best for everyone. You’ll know it’s right when it feels natural, and when it feels fun .

When you’re planning your essay, make sure you spend some time thinking about the purpose of it. Remember that the admissions committee will read hundreds of them. Go through this handy checklist before you’re done:

  • Does it cover something that’s not in my application?
  • See it as an opportunity. Repetition is not desirable. It’s boring and it means you don’t make use of the fabulous chance to show your brilliance in more than one area.

  • Does it make me stand out from the crowd?
  • Okay, so this is difficult, when the admissions committee will be reading so many – but this is essentially what you’re aiming for.

  • Is it honest?
  • Don’t write about anything which is untrue, even if it makes a juicier story. Don’t exaggerate or bend the truth. Finding depth even in everyday situations rings with more truth than great heroic adventures.

  • Does it show you in a good light? Your strengths and resilience?
  • Don’t dwell on anything which may show your character as weak. “How I’ve been bullied all my life” is not a good topic, although “What I learned from being bullied” might be.

  • Does it give a positive first impression?
  • It’s important that the committee don’t finish reading it and feel sorry for you. It’s better for them to be thinking that they simply must have you at their college.

  • Is it entertaining?
  • You don’t have to be going for humor, but it needs to be worth reading.

  • Does it avoid excuses?
  • Don’t fall into the trap of trying to offer reasons why the rest of your application isn’t as strong as you would like. “I’ve just spent a year in hospital” might not be a good topic unless it includes a bit of “How I overcame my injury”.

Here are the top 10 topics for higher education applications

    I’ve had exciting things happen in my life

  1. An event that shaped my character
  2. How I have overcome adversity

  3. I’m a multi-layered person

  4. What I feel passionate about
  5. My ideal use of free time

  6. I’m an academic person

  7. Which area of study really fascinates me
  8. How my intellectual development has been influenced

  9. I have big goals for myself

  10. What I picture myself doing in ten years’ time
  11. The goal that has always driven me

  12. I’ve chosen YOU specifically

  13. Why I want to go to study further
  14. How I can contribute to this course