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Ninth Grade Expository Essay Prompts You Should Consider

There is a lot going on in a student’s life at this time in their life. They are very impressionable when it comes to finding their way. Most would not think it but the transition from ninth to tenth grade can be a big step. The sense of responsibility starts to hit home as they advance further to graduating high school. The quicker they learn that they will be affected by their decisions they make the better their future will look. This article will give ninth grade expository essay prompts you should consider.

  1. Your best friend is having a 16th birthday party. Explain what you plan on doing to make it a birthday they will never forget.
  2. The internet has done a lot to bring the world closer. It has also brought a lot of treachery to the unsuspecting user. Explain how you think this activity can be stopped.
  3. The average student has chosen to turn to the act of cheating. This will definitely have an effect on their education. It will also effect the generations to come. Explain what should be done to put an end to this matter.
  4. The economy has played a big part on the rise in crime. The average person is feeling less secure in their home. Explain what can be done to make it a safer place to live. What precautions should be taken to make it last?
  5. Describe a teenage fab. Explain why you think these things become so popular to the kids.
  6. The average amount of time students spend doing physical fitness outside the school. Explain why you think the time students spend outside doing sports activities. Should they be worried how it will affect their later years?
  7. This is the year most students receive their driving license. How do they feel about the price of insurance? Do you understand what shoots the premiums through the roof?
  8. There are a lot of pressures on the student making the transition to high school. Explain the steps that can be taken to ease the emotional load that goes with this transition. Do you feel the school system should take bigger steps in following the students’ progress?

There are unlimited situations or prompts that can be brought to light. The choices you make should be of great interest to you. The more time and effort you put out on your writing will pay off now, and in your later years spent furthering your education. It may be called school work but always try your best to keep a positive attitude. Most importantly, have fun.