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Essay Help For Free: Composing A Winning Introductory Paragraph

A winning introduction paragraph is important for any essay. This is information readers come across first before they read the rest of your paper. If you cannot hook them with the first paragraph of your essay, they may not be interested to read the entire paper. Your main idea and background information about your topic appears here. Yet, there are other pieces of information that is just as important that appears here you need to know about. Here are basic tips to help you draft a winning introduction for your paper.

Know What Information is Essential for a Complete Essay Introduction

A winning introductory paragraph will have a number of pieces that help it standout as a whole. This includes a hook, background details on the topic, thesis statement and transitional sentence toward the end of the paragraph. These elements help readers know what to expect and encourage them to read the content while understanding its purpose. Lack of detail for just element could through off the paragraph and details will not come off as solid.

Have a Clearly Defined Thesis Statement You Know You Can Prove

Most essay papers will have a thesis statement. This is an important statement that defines purpose of the paper and why it was written. A clear thesis statement makes the essay writing process easier. You will be able to provide proof of your claim through supporting points that make up the body of the paper. As long as you have a solid thesis statement the writing process should be simple and it gives your introductory paragraph stability and interest. People will know what the paper is about but they should have enough interests to stay hooked and continue reading to learn more.

Take Time to Rewrite and Revise Your Introduction

Your essay introductory paragraph will have a hook or something to attract and keep readers attention at the beginning of the paragraph. You will mention your thesis statement and background information to support your topic. These elements may take some time to blend together into a good paragraph. Meaning, you should consider revising your content before finalizing it. Not only does this help reduce errors and mistakes, but it provides more clarity behind the main idea for your readers. This helps lay the foundation for content that will follow throughout the page.