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How to Find an Excellent Topic for an Essay: Fresh Tips

Finding a topic can be hard when you have no idea where to start. Here are a few fresh tips on finding that great topic:

  1. Google Search Chapter Terms
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Choose A Topic From Random
  4. Rate The Topics From Most Interesting To Least Interesting

Google Search

You may find that using the Google search bar will help. Typing in the terms from the most recent chapter will bring up newspaper articles and even regular people giving their opinions in blog-style articles. Of course, you should not base your entire essay on one blog opinion, but by looking around at other opinions, you may find the topic you have been searching for.


Everyone says to brainstorm, but if you get another person to help you, you can bounce your ideas off on them. The more people you get to brainstorm, the more ideas will be generated. Just make sure that the other people are in the same class as you so that the ideas will be more relevant to your coursework.

Choosing A Topic From Random

This one kind of speaks for itself. You may find it hard to choose a topic, but if there is a set list of topics to choose from, you can pick one easily. Just close your eyes and place your finger somewhere on the list and begin writing! If you find that the topic you have chosen does not interest you or you cannot write enough about it, then you can choose a new topic with a little more insight than you originally had.

Rate The Topics

If you have a set list of topics, then you should go through and rate your topics from most to least interesting. The topic you find the most interesting will be your essay topic. Of course, this can be changed later if you find that the content is not as interesting as you originally thought. You can work your way down the list quickly if you do a quick internet search of each topic and find a few facts about each one. Whichever topic you found the easiest to find information on may be the one topic you need.


Using these tips can help you choose a topic quickly and efficiently. No need to just sit around and think vaguely about the different topics you can choose from! Just get into the research and your topic will find you!