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Persuasive Essay Examples: Writing Help For Kids

When one looks at the student base all the way through college, all students are considered kids. This has a lot to do with how soon a institution likes to start teaching essay writing. Obviously the level of writing can be very simple in the three part form and adjusted to a number of sentences and word count.

It's at this point that looking at a complete essay to understand the format is really all that needs to be done. However, more focus is put on the actual content of the essay in order to influence readers through persuasion. It should also be clear that the level of reading should be equal to the persuasion, otherwise readers will be very critical of it and it will lose it's impact. Here are some examples that would help the writing for kids.

Convincing The Writer

The writer has to be convinced enough to where they will believe without a doubt that the essay is persuasive enough. The persuasive level of the student can only be taken into account by that student but can be enforced in a number of ways, such as:

  • Strong Belief In Their Topic
  • Time Spent On The Paper
  • Debating The Topic

From the beginning, the student is writing about their topic of interest. So this means that they will already be engaged in the writing which determines the time spent and how much they will defend their argument. All leading to a strong conviction in how they're persuading the reader.

Looking At Simple Examples

At the earliest stages of learning essay writing, the student will want to see examples of what the format is like. The examples put forward shouldn't be very complicated from the beginning, they should at the very least be broken up into pieces to show the beginning and the end. That way the student can see their own persuasion develop in a linear way or from start to finish.

Instructors and advanced students have a good understanding of this process and will be able to help the student construct the appropriate outline.

Learning Through Criticism

When the student is learning to persuade they cannot learn how without understanding the resistance to the persuasion. This can only happen through criticism of the reader or the person against the argument when they make points to resist. The student (the kid) will be able to bring up these arguments in their own paper to show they're not only aware of them, but like bowling ball pins, they can set them up for all to see as they're knocked down.

Creating The Example For Others

A student that does this successfully will be able to leave behind a persuasive paper that other students behind them will be able to use for examples of what they should be doing. So the beginner essay writer, by being interested in their topic and defending it with words, is able to leave something behind that they can look back on and be proud of.