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How To Find Free Descriptive Essays Online: Advice For College Students

Everything can be described. From the obvious nouns like people, animals, places and inanimate objects to just concepts, emotions or expressions any of these can become the basis for an essay. To get a feel for how essay writing looks in a descriptive format, you should probably get your hands on a sample essay. Here are a few places you can look:

Look for databases

There are many essay databases available online. These can provide you with essays of every description including descriptive. Unfortunately, some of these essays will be of such inferior quality that they are of no use to you. It’s up to you to pick out the ones that most closely resemble what your teacher is asking of you.

Check the blogs of essay writers

Many people see essay writing as an escape or a creative outlet. Some of them have taken to blogging as a method of feedback. Look for the blogs of essay writers who focus on descriptive essays. They may not all be perfect but you can gain some useful tips buy reading their work and you may even be able to contact the writers themselves for feedback.

Look for free text books or samples

Text books about writing often contain a few sample essays to give readers an idea of what each style looks like in practice. Get your hands on one of these and you will be able to use it to model you work after. The quality is likely to be superb. Some books are in the public domain while others make excerpts available for use online for free.

Don’t limit yourself to just essays

Descriptive writing may not be limited to the essay format alone. If you would like to view otter descriptive pieces of writing as well, you can benefit from the millions of articles and novels available online for free viewing. Many authors self-publish to get their start in the industry and provide a few books for free. If you want help in creating descriptions, romance authors are your best bet. Product descriptions of jewellery and other high end items tend to also be very well crafted if you are looking for ways to create your own style.

In college when you have very little money to spare, any of these free resources can help you write better descriptive essays.