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The Top 10 Creative Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students sometimes find it difficult to write about topics that are not interesting. That’s why you should introduce your students into the topic, to get them interested about it, so that later they will be able to write about that. However, they also need to think creative, in order to write creative. This article offers the top 10 creative essay topics for high school students.

  1. Write about the wind beneath your wings. Write about someone who inspires you and you admire. Think of your role model and what you have learned from him. What of their qualities you want for yourself one day? Explain how that person influenced you to be what you are today.
  2. What is victory map? Choose one historical war event and discuss how physical geography played important role in a battle. How rivers, mountains, deserts and valleys had effect on warriors’ strategies.
  3. The road to happiness – Every culture has different traditions regarding marriages. Choose three different cultures and explain their traditional weddings and how their wedding rites are related to religion.
  4. Full house – Nowadays people tend to have fewer children, but there are also families with more than three children. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having small family and what are the pros and cons of having a big family. Explain the differences and similarities between these two types of families.
  5. Leprechauns’ gold – You were working in the garden on a sunny day and suddenly a huge nugget of gold appeared. What did you do with the nugget? You sold it? Or you keep it safe in the basement? Discuss what will you do if you suddenly became rich?
  6. Star war begins – An asteroid is going straight towards the Earth, you have only two days left. What will you do? Will you stay close to your loved ones, or you would go to a place you’ve never been? Discuss.
  7. Suppose you are a teacher. Explain what you want to teach and how you would teach that. Use your experience and observation to give proper explanation in the paper.
  8. You’ve been invited on a T show to talk about your greatest strengths. What would you talk about? Explain your strengths and weaknesses.
  9. My dream is coming true – What are you dreaming of? Becoming famous? Influencer? Inspirational leader? Discuss about your wishes.
  10. I was a dragonfly in my previous life – Everyone believes in something. What are your beliefs? Discuss and explain them.

However, creativity varies from person to person and teachers should be aware of that.