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How to Come Up with a Strong Argumentative Essay Topic: Effective Tips

Choosing the right topic for an argumentative Essay is essential as this will help you get the readers’ attention right from the start. To succeed with this task, you need to understand what makes a good argumentative topic and how to go about developing one. The following tips will teach you that:

  • A good topic is the one that is relevant.
  • People must be interested in the argument, so you need to choose something that is either relevant at the moment or falls into the “classics” category. It will be more difficult to deal with the latter as it encompasses the things that have been argued about for centuries.

  • There must be enough evidence on the topic to prove your point.
  • Do some research before you make the final decision on your topic and the main line of arguments. You need to be sure that there are enough facts that will support your opinion.

  • The topic you choose must allow you to take a clearly defined position that is in direct opposition to the other side of the argument.
  • Simply speaking, your topic must make it clear that there are two opposing views on the issue so that you can support one of them in the paper. If the argument isn’t clearly defined in the topic, people won’t be interested in reading about it.

  • You must be passionate about your arguments.
  • This means that you should choose a topic you have some personal interest in. This way, you will be able to create a stronger and more persuasive paper.

  • A controversial topic will gather more attention to itself.
  • Please do not choose any strongly controversial topics if you don’t feel 100% sure that you can write an excellent and non-offensive paper about one of them. Remember, the arguments you make must prove your point logically and relying solely on solid evidence.

Here are a few examples of strong argumentative essay topics:

  1. Are standardized test scores overestimated?
  2. Can torture be allowed in some extreme situations?
  3. Are people responsible for the global climate change?
  4. Should lottery be banned?
  5. Is abortion truly murder?
  6. Is our taxation system fair?
  7. Do people become too dependent on their smartphones?
  8. Can a mandatory national curfew reduce the number of crimes?
  9. Can parents protect children from various “online child predators”?
  10. Are law enforcement officers given too much freedom with their guns?
  11. Are social services incompetent in finding the cases of child abuse?
  12. Can free access to condoms reduce the number of teen pregnancies?