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A List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics About Environment

Sometimes you need a break from the tired essay topics about the environment, whether for a thesis paper, homework assignment, or a freelance article. The question of whether or not global warming is a myth or not is long over, and you don’t want to be writing about why solar energy is better than gas. It’s overdone and boring. Here is a list of unique essay topics you can research to stay away from the cliché.

  1. Owning more than two cars per family should be banned.
  2. This one hits close to home for a lot of people, as it is common for the American household to have at least two cars if not more. It might be hard for some families to give up their third car, especially if they consist of more than one young adult.

  3. Should there be a more drastic punishment for littering?
  4. Littering in the United States is a crime, but the only thing keeping people from doing it is a fine. Why not throw in some jail time? Surely going to jail for throwing a foam fast food cup out the window is a better deterrent.

  5. Companies that are found guilty of dumping toxic materials should be shut down.
  6. We hear about this a lot, and then often wonder why they haven’t been shut down yet? Why are they still in business? Usually, that has to do with politics, but when it comes to the environment, we like to hope that politics will take a step back.

  7. Are humans at fault for climate change?
  8. There are those that will blame humans for all things environmentally harmful, but scientific research that this kind of change happens every few million years. So is this really a human problem, or a natural earth cycle? Are people fighting too hard to stop something that will happen whether or not humans exist?

  9. Is it plausible to continue making cheap goods?
  10. Cheap goods are often made of plastic. And plastic is a known enemy of the environment. Is it really worth it to continue along this path knowing that we are causing more harm to the environment? Goods were once made of natural materials, like wood or metal. Consider arguing for the use of more naturally made products.

  11. Public Transport should be a free service provided by the government.
  12. You would think that a government working to establish a greener city would choose to make their public transport free to make it easier for their citizens to choose the greener route rather than their gas guzzling cars. But major cities like Houston, who are making an effort to be more environmentally friendly still charge for public transport.

This list is a great jumping off point to explore and research even more argumentative essay topics that may interest you about the environment. With a unique angle on the environmental crisis happening around us, you can enlighten more people through your essay or research paper this term.