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Essay Topics About Invisible Man: 20 Unique Suggestions

Invisible Man is an interesting and an age old hot pick topic in itself when it comes to churning out essay topics. Now, before digging few unique topics for write-ups related to the Invisible Man, let us have a glimpse of the Invisible Man himself.

Invisible Man is a popular and cult classic novel written by Ralph Ellison, and the novel was published in the year 1952. The novel had made its place among the top100 novels of the twentieth century. The main plot of the story of the novel Invisible Man revolves around a socially inert person thus contributing towards the real meaning of the title of the novel. How the protagonist goes through various events and circumstances and in due course realizes his true worth and identity forms the crux of the story of Invisible Man. The novel ends with the protagonist realizing the need of socializing and service towards own community and decides to become active in the social and community circle.

Interestingly, Invisible Man has scored high when it comes to writing essays. So, without wasting any further time and space, let’s get started with digging out 20 unique write up topics.

  1. Describe in your own words and from your own perspective, why the protagonist considers himself as an “Invisible Man”?
  2. How was the narrator/protagonist’s briefcase related and connected to the novel’s plot?
  3. What was the protagonist’s view regarding racism and social stereotypes based on racial features?
  4. In Invisible Man, what does the metaphor of dolls signified?
  5. Convey your views regarding how the protagonist /narrator perceived himself and how the society perceived himself?
  6. What was the difference between both the perceptions?
  7. Explain the scenario and context of the “Battle Royal” in the novel
  8. Explain the relationship and conflict between social/community identity and an individual identity as depicted in the novel “Invisible Man.”
  9. How did the author of Invisible Man describe fake and real identities with the help of the novel?
  10. Treatment of Reverend Barbee by the author in the novel.
  11. Summarize the plot of “The Invisible Man” in your own words.
  12. Analyze the characteristic features of the main protagonist of the novel who in the plot also acts as the narrator of the story.
  13. Write an argumentative essay on the protagonist’s inner conflicts regarding his two identities (Social and individual).
  14. Which one is more important identity- One’s individual identity or social identity? Explain.
  15. Can individual identity and social identity coexist in a person simultaneously and in harmony? Write an argumentative essay on the topic in perspective of the novel “Invisible Man.”
  16. Analyze the veteran’s comment to the narrator in the novel “Be your own father”.
  17. Discuss and analyze the role of fathers /founders/father figures in the novel “Invisible Man.”
  18. The context of the “the great white father” in the novel “Invisible Man”.
  19. Analyze the characters of the narrator/protagonist, Jack, Reverend Barbee and the veteran in the novel “Invisible Man.
  20. Discuss the background history of the novel “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison and it's critical and commercial reception.

Although, not all, these above 20 topics are by far the top ones that could serve as excellent write-up topics from the novel “Invisible Man”.