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A List Of The Most Interesting College Essay Topics On The Quiet American

The Quiet American is an interesting work of literature, which has featured in the learning environment for quite some time now. There are lots of people who have managed to study this work in the past, and used the learning points in there to highlight a number of issues that we are currently struggling with in the world. This is the important role that so many of these books play. When you are discussing them in class, you are supposed to use them as a mirror into the society, to see the society from a different perspective, and to gain a better understanding of the same.

There are so many incredible discussion topics that you can come up with, which will make your work a lot easier over time. The following are some points that you need to look into, which will eventually help you get quick assistance and come up with a good paper:

  • Discuss the major themes that are evident in The Quiet American
  • Explain the difference in the structure and plot of The Quiet American, the movie and the novel
  • Discuss how Graham Green’s The Quiet American changed the perspective of the society
  • Explain the roles that The Quiet American highlights, with respect to the personal battles that are fought from time to time
  • Discuss how The Quiet American highlights some of the challenges that we face on a daily basis in life and how to overcome them
  • Based on The Quiet American discuss how Quiet Place to Drink is a true reflection of the society that we live in today
  • From your understanding of The Quiet American, discuss how Miller’s attempt to Quiet the Knight reflects on the world around you
  • Discuss how The Quiet American portrays the challenge of a family turmoil
  • Explain based on The Quiet American, the role that Benjamin Franklin played as an American diplomat
  • Discuss how the quiet revolution took place in The Quiet American. Based on this scenario, critique whether this would be possible in the society today, and if not, highlight some of the pitfalls or challenges that would have been experienced
  • Consider the beginning of All Quiet on the Western Front as portrayed in The Quiet American, and discuss how this would have turned differently, should the core factors have acted in a different manner