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Easy Expository Essay Topics: 25 Good Examples


Expository essay topics come in different varieties. How interesting an essay can become depends on the understanding of the author in a certain topic. It is necessary for you to choose an easy to understand topic that will give the writer an easy time in writing. The following are some sources of ideas:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Since an expository essay is an essay that seeks to widely discuss a topic, you can discuss anything. There is a lot to talk about in food and nutrition. For instance, good eating habits, making simple desserts, different drinks and so on.

  • School life
  • Whether it is at college or at high school level, there is so much that happens on every single day. In fact, we cannot exhaust discussing about all that happens in these institutions. It is therefore possible to come up with endless topics pertaining school life at college or high school level for an expository essay.

  • Games and sports
  • Games and sports are activities that we can hardly do without. They form an interesting field in life of keeping fit and healthy. From them, we can develop a wide range of topics.

  • Home activities
  • Aside from school life, our everyday lives at home gives us so much to discuss about. Starting from home maintenance tips, cleaning and general concerns at home, there is a long list of topics that we can come up with. Following these idea, let us looks at some of the possible topics obtained:

  • Healthy feeding
  • Choosing diet for babies
  • Ideal meals for diabetic patients
  • Tips for making healthy natural foods
  • Getting ahead with natural juice
  • How to use coffee to keep awake while studying
  • Effects of eating junk foods
  • Ways of maintaining a healthy feeding scheme
  • How school life has affected our living habits
  • How to keep ahead in studies as a college student
  • How to find a good study partner
  • How to adapt good study habits
  • How to choose friends at college
  • How to utilize the college library for maximum benefits
  • How to use the college free internet constructively
  • How to maintain a good performance at college
  • How to avoid bad influence at school
  • How to clean grouts at home
  • Tips for home maintenance
  • Home modelling tips
  • Ideas for landscaping for homes
  • Pet insurance
  • How to clean our bath tubs
  • How to control pests at home
  • How to keep healthy while taking campus diet
  • How to keep ahead with sports for physical fitness
  • How to treat a leg injury from sports activities.


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