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Choosing Excellent Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays employ all the elements of a story telling like plotting and characters setting and end with a dramatic climax. Their chief motto is to describe all the characters in details while demonstrating the real facts, truths and falsity of the subject in a mind-blowing fashion. Usually such essays are described from one person’s perspective and have a purpose to achieve. They are told in chronological way and include more sensory details while their dialogue delivery.

Have a look at excellent narrative essays’ topics –

  1. How your childhood is responsible for making your personality today like? Describe it in context of you as an adult.
  2. Why people forget things that are taught by other individuals but remember it in the form of experiences when sensed individually?
  3. What relationship taught you when you fell in love for the first time? Why those memories can’t be erased easily?
  4. What you could have done to make your marriage relationship long lasting?
  5. At what point of time you realized that your family means a lot to you and your survival is just impossible without them? Which incidence changed your opinion?
  6. Which lesson taught through your seniors changed your perspective towards life completely?
  7. How a stranger taught you a lifelong lesson? How it transformed your rest of life? Can same lesson be implemented in different spheres of life? Why?
  8. How you felt when saved someone’s life?
  9. Why statement of best friends changes from time to time?
  10. Why cultural and moral values are diminishing day by day? Should we need to change our self as the society changes? Why?
  11. Which system is better- traditional Gurukul system or the current one?
  12. Which schooling system are better- co-education or separate schools for boys and girls. What are the benefits of each type of schooling?
  13. Should boys and girls both be taught household chores or it should be valid for girls only?
  14. Which marriage system is better- love marriage or an arrange marriage? What both of them have in common? Why arrange marriages are considered to be a more stable one than the love marriages?
  15. Should technological innovations be promoted further? What are their ill effects on individual’s health? What are the other ways to safeguard your health?
  16. Why girls are more adaptable to any change as compared to boys? Is this an inborn quality or they are bound to cultivate it due to presence of society?
  17. A vivid scenic view.
  18. A race that I can never forget
  19. How you feel when you meet someone highly talented?
  20. The monotony of standing in queue.