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The Best 20 Opinion Essay Topics For Middle School

You’re very likely to have to write an opinion essay when you’re in middle school. An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing in which you have to state your views on a topic very clearly. You should use examples and facts to back up your views, and you need to write one section about the opposing point of view. Have a look at this list of the twenty best opinion essay topics for middle school.

  1. School uniforms
  2. Should all children be forced to wear school uniforms to school?

  3. Genetically modified foods
  4. Do you think that genetically modified foods should be freely available?

  5. Junk food at schools
  6. Should junk food not be allowed at schools?

  7. Outlawing smoking
  8. Do you believe that smoking should be totally outlawed?

  9. Convicted prisoners working
  10. Should all convicted prisoners be required to work while they’re serving their sentences in prison?

  11. Junk food tax
  12. Do you think all junk food should be taxed?

  13. Vegetarianism
  14. Should more people become vegetarian in order to save the planet?

  15. The vote for convicted prisoners
  16. Do you believe that convicted prisoners should be allowed to vote while they serve their prison sentences?

  17. The driving age
  18. Should the age at which people can get their driver’s license be lowered?

  19. Abortion
  20. Do you think that women should be allowed to have abortions?

  21. Mobile phones at schools
  22. Should children be allowed to take their mobile phones to school with them?

  23. Wearing fur
  24. Do you believe that wearing fur from animals we don’t eat should be banned?

  25. Firearm control
  26. Should normal civilians be allowed to keep guns?

  27. Forced charity donations
  28. Do you think the government should force people to donate their time or money to charities?

  29. Monitoring Internet usage
  30. Should parents be allowed to monitor all the websites their children visit?

  31. The death penalty
  32. Do you believe that the death penalty should be implemented?

  33. Mandatory book reports
  34. Should all school children be forced to do a book report every week in order to get them to read more?

  35. Euthanasia
  36. Do you think euthanasia should be legalised?

  37. GPS bracelets
  38. Should children be forced to wear GPS bracelets so that their parents can track their whereabouts?

  39. School times
  40. Do you believe that school should start later in the morning?

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