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Problem Solving Essay Topics: 10 Ideas To Use Without Thinking Twice

It's different for every student in how they're assigned their essay. Each one demands a certain structure according the the study and the essay itself, but as the student begins the process of writing their essay, the similarities are consistent. Those being that students have more problems with trying to come up with ideas than anything else.

This takes a lot of time away from the actual writing of the paper, which greatly improves when the student takes the time to do it. Even though this is the case, the student would prefer to come up with some ideas without having to think too much into it. While it's recommended to put some effort in, here are ten ideas the student can use on the fly.

On Paper

From the beginning of the process the student should be writing down some of those ideas. There are two ways to brainstorm, one is to write something without thinking about it and the other is thinking about it while writing it down. It tends to 'move' the pen/pencil/the text across the page, paper or digital. Of course if the student isn't thinking about it or too afraid of what they're writing down, they'll have more success just making a record of it. Here are some of these ideas:

  • Favorite Movie
  • Political Crisis
  • Personal Problems
  • Problems, Problems, Problems
  • Write About Writing
  • Drama
  • Repeat What Is Heard
  • A Dream?
  • Recipes
  • Excitement

Favorite Movie

Everyone has a favorite. Actually, when this question is asked it isn't always so easy. But there is a 'go to' movie for everyone. Here is where the struggle of ideas begins. More than one film will get in the way of the thinking process and the student will have more than one thing to write about. Now this adds up to more ideas.

Political Crisis

Not many students are aware that they have some interest in national, state or local politics. Because of how the news media is set up, there is a constant narrative being pushed to where the student will at the very least be aware of an issue. This begins another idea they can start writing about.

Personal Problems

The student should ask themselves this question because it triggers something within that will motivate them to come up with an idea. At the very least they will write down one. If the essay demands something personal, than this is a good motivator.

Problems, Problems, Problems

There is nothing more interesting than going for the negative. To find a topic within the negative will allow the student to find a topic in any category they have some interest in.

Write About Writing

There are all types of essays to write. To actually write about writing is another good topic. It's simply a matter of looking down and writing from that experience.


This is a tricky one because it risks too much exposure but, if there is drama taking place in the class, home or in the neighborhood. The knowledge the student has on the topic will force them to create the topic without much thought.

Repeat What Was Heard

let's say that the television or the radio is on. What is coming out of those speakers? The student can try writing down what they hear as they hear it and naturally a topic will reveal itself as they write it.

A Dream?

This takes a certain level of awareness but, if the student is good at remembering their dreams, they should start writing them down and from that they can get a topic.


Food and cooking is a constant experience. By writing about it, there are some recipes that can be attached to the essay which makes a more engaging essay.


Even if the student isn't excited about something, they can always remember a period when they were excited about something whatever that is will start a good topic for an essay.


The student should remember that the brain never stops coming up with ideas. There is always some process of thought that is presenting itself and asking to be written down with very little thought at all. Once the student realizes this, they can come up with any idea without thinking twice.