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The Best College Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Investigate

Argumentative essays are said to be the most scoring ones of all the other types. You switch on to your less travailed pragmatic mode, base your composition more on facts than fiction and voila! You are good to go. College is one place, where you would be unarguably given assignments on making concrete arguments on several topics. For whatever domain you choose, you will have to encounter debatable moments, either on pen and paper or in front of a blinking audience. As for investigating topics, it would be better if you chose something that everyone is aware of and most importantly you are comfortable arguing on. Look for ideas you can relate to the most, some are presented below:

  1. Facebook or a breach of privacy in the times of gossip-mongers.
  2. Smart phones and how they are crippling human efficacy.
  3. Is feminism just another 'ism' or indeed has a cause?
  4. Uniforms, the harbinger of equality in the professional world.
  5. The word is abortion and not murder.
  6. Euthanasia, a criminal offence or mercy killing.
  7. Hunting seasons in every country must be banned.
  8. Does being a vegetarian decrease the possibility of diseases?
  9. Alternative sources of energy, as government's top priority.
  10. Teen marriages must be banned at all social strata.
  11. The everlasting debate on joint and nuclear family.
  12. Cigarettes should be banned and not marijuana.
  13. Advertisements for alcohol brands must be banned.
  14. More research work conducted on traditional medicines.
  15. Was extermination of Gaza a justified move?
  16. The political links in most terrorist attacks.
  17. Is animal testing a necessity or a sign of cruelty?
  18. Is education really mandatory in the field of politics?
  19. Zoo is still a living symbol of slavery in today's world.
  20. The act of felling green buffers to build houses should be fined.
  21. Cloning and the morals reflected behind it.
  22. Sex education in schools results in responsible children.
  23. Is same sex marriage an abomination to the society?
  24. Sex and violence must be abolished from telly.
  25. There should be several treaties than war.
  26. Genetic research, a wormhole towards destruction.
  27. How true a phenomenon is global warming?
  28. Death sentence or life imprisonment, the judgement.
  29. Should military service be made compulsory for all?
  30. Drug test at MNCs is a violation for your rights.

These thirty titles should be enough for you to carry out your investigations on. Remember few things though, do not follow the crowd, if your topic is not peripherally similar to your friend's, do not lose your mind over. The effort you put in must be unique and individual. Your perspective is valuable and the manner you abide by it.