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How To Choose Outstanding Non-Fiction Essay Topics

The difference between a fiction and non-fiction essay

A fiction essay is one that normally tells a story and is based on events that have not actually happened. Essentially, you use your own imagination to create a piece of work. A non-fiction paper will be based on facts and often pre-existing information.

Whilst non-fiction papers are based on facts, it is possible to base the work on a subjective point of view as well. For example, if you are writing a history paper, then you may be talking about events that have happened in the past and can’t be changed; however, you can interpret what happened during these events, as well as how they may have shaped the future.

Pick a topic that you find interesting

When you are writing a non-fiction paper, it is a good idea to always pick something that you find interesting. The more interested you are in the subject, the more likely you are to write a good piece of work. Equally, if you find the topic dull, then the chances are that whatever you write will not be as interesting as it could be.

As well as helping to improve the quality of the work, when you write about a non-fiction topic that you find interesting, it can make the writing process a lot less painful. In fact, you may even enjoy it and be able to get the work done a lot quicker, and with a great deal less stress.

Choose a topic that is appropriate to the style of essay that you will be writing

There are many different varieties and styles of essays, including argumentative, cause-and-effect, classification essays, and many more. Due to the fact that non-fiction covers a wide range of subjects and topics, the chances are you will be able to apply just about any style of writing to the theme that you wish to cover. Therefore, it is important that you select the most appropriate style for the topic you wish to write about.

Some examples of non-fiction essay topics and titles

  • A comparison of birth rates in 2015 compared to 1965 – 50 years of change
  • The history of computers
  • Fiscal policy of the US compared to China
  • The anatomy of birds
  • A classification of the world’s most active volcanoes
  • The speed of light in different environments
  • Does constant testing and exams help young children to learn
  • How do the media influence political policies?
  • The role the Cold War had on present day conflicts and politics
  • Virtual currencies and there role in the future
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