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Useful Advice On How To End An Argumentative Essay

Having a good conclusion is as important as creating a strong introduction in your essay. The aim of the conclusion is to close the essay and the discussion on the topic you have written about. You try to convince the reader that your thesis is reasonable. The ending of an argumentative essay must be coherent with the arguments presented above, so that the whole text has a logical structure. In order to write a good conclusion, you should spare some time so that the reader gets a proper final impression of your essay.

  • Parts of a conclusion:
    1. Restating the main premise.
    2. In order to start your ending, the best option is to summarize the thesis statement once again. You shouldn't write the exact same words, though. It is better to rephrase. Think of a short way to restate the main premise just to remind the reader what you stated above.
    3. Brief the main arguments.
    4. Use one or two phrases to state arguments which support the main premise. By doing so, you are reminding the reader what the text was about and it will be more clear. Once again, you shouldn't paste the same phrases you used in the body; you should summarize in the conclusion.
    5. Pros and cons.
    6. Last, talk about what advantages or disadvantages come up from following the main premise in your essay. You are meant to state the possible consequences in both scenarios. However, depending on the topic, you may be more interested in pointing out one of the possible consequences more than the other.
  • Keep the order.
  • In order to effectively present the information in the conclusion, you should organize the phrases in the correct way. First, you restate the main premise. Then, you support the thesis with arguments or evidence. Last but not least, you mention the possible consequences of following/not following the thesis statement. Mixing the information is not recommended, as it may cause confusion.
  • Read you conclusion.
  • Once you have created the ending, take some time to analyse these paragraphs. Does it may sense? Is there something you may change in order to improve how the information is presented? You should try to be your own critic before you get to the final version of your argumentative essay. Remember to spare some time to check your essay; it is a good writing habit.

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