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List Of 7th Grade Informative Essay Topics To Consider

Informative essays are usually targeted at informing the readers about a particular topic or situation, giving details an explanations, along with references, where necessary. It is also helpful to make effective use of examples to help better get your point across by finding ways of relating your specific subject of discussion to your reader’s personal experiences. One must also pay careful attention to their choice of topic as a bad choice can greatly affect the difficulty of the endeavor. The following is a list of 7th grade informative essay topics for consideration:

  1. The way family love, or lack of can affect the early development of a person.
  2. How I met the person that has affected my life the most and what they did to do so.
  3. The day I realized the sacrifices that my parents have made for me and how it changed my life.
  4. The place in the world that means the most to you and why.
  5. My biggest failure and how I overcame it to become successful.
  6. The one decision that I made and will regret for the rest of my life.
  7. How I felt when i lost my best friend while they were still young.
  8. The things in life that you have changed or influenced the most.
  9. What is your biggest dream and what does it mean to you.
  10. The day I realized that love at first sight is a myth and what made me realize this.
  11. What is the biggest lie you ever told to someone you care about?
  12. The biggest lie I ever believed in and the reasons why I stopped.
  13. The most influential person in my life and why I value them highly.
  14. One thing about myself that would change if I had the power to do so.
  15. Discuss one thing about the world that you would change if you had the power.
  16. What is the most memorable event that you have ever experienced?
  17. What would you consider to be the biggest problem in the world today that needs fixing?
  18. Do you think that parents should be allowed to decide upon the educational and career path their child takes?
  19. If you could travel 100 years into the future, what do you think you would see when you visit your home town?
  20. What would life on the planet Mars be like for the first group of people to live there?