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The 15 best exemplification essay topics you should write about

The merit of an argument is in its definition. Argument is ingrained in our nature so much so that we find something to debate in pretty much everything around us; even what we eat. This is precisely the reason why argumentative essays are a dime a dozen and are pretty easy to carve out.

Adding muscles to bones

When you exemplify the piece, it naturally becomes an exemplification essay. The latter mentioned not only requires firming of the argument; it calls for a methodical and illuminating example/s. Actually, most students are so besotted by the idea of examples and support that they love this piece.

Here are 15 exemplification essays you will love writing about –

  1. Should ISIS hardliners be dealt with equal ferocity as they do their victims? – It is rather easy to find examples in support or against this motion.
  2. Are proper steps being taken towards global warming? – This is an elaborate essay topic which should cover all odds and ends.
  3. Is education going in the right direction? – You will have to synthesize educational patterns in different continents.
  4. Is the rise of censorship catalyzing the rise of video sites? – You will have to think of proper analogies.
  5. Should texting be banned in response to the vitiation it does to the youth’s grammar? – This again is a topic which is high on examples.
  6. Should gambling be regulated in India? – You can give examples of how regulated gambling has methodized different countries’ lifestyles.
  7. Is it right to assess Russian mental capacity on the basis of their admirable production of chess players? – It is as childish as assuming that Negroes are divined to be good in Athletics.
  8. Is Nuclear Family the biggest threat to society? – This is a sensitive essay topic and needs to be treated sensibly.
  9. Are the youth of today becoming more humane or inhuman? – We are definitely losing on compassion but gaining on other quotients. Examples galore!
  10. Should Governments keep a tab on teen sexual activities? – Does Government’s tab actually work; examples like moral policing and others can be brought to the ambit.
  11. Should drinking age be lowered? – Again, use examples to assert or negate whether making vices convenient has put a stop to it.
  12. Are we right in prioritizing industrialization over agriculture? – Bring examples of countries that are taking a different step and rising.
  13. Should Church be allowed to indulge in Politics? – Bring examples of other mediations and how it has affected Politics.
  14. Should colleges be made single-sex institutions to curb sexual offenses? – This is again a sensitive essay topic, but flushing with relevant examples.
  15. Are we staring at blankness of morals in future? – Place examples on the reduction of other abstracts.