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7 Components Of A Good Compare And Contrast Synthesis Essay

When writing a compare and contrast paper there should be a significant reason why content presented is being compared. This may include why they are relevant or why they are important or similar in value. There are different ways an essay of this nature can be written include as a compare and contrast synthesis paper. In this case you take two items you are writing about and after comparing them you will use your findings to compare something bigger. Here are some tips to help you understand necessary components of a strong compare and contrast synthesis essay.

  1. Select two good subjects to compare and be creative. When you prepare to write your paper consider to items or things to compare. They can be similar or different but you need to provide insight on how they are connected.
  2. Thorough understanding of two items being compared. Upon selecting two items to write about research each and take notes to help compare findings. This gives insight on what to write about for each item and offers perspective on how to present your findings.
  3. Addressing two items in parallel fashion for better insight. You can get a better idea of how this is done when reviewing sample essay content. The idea is to present a supporting point of each item in each paragraph to give comparisons depth. As you do this you may present points in similar light to give an idea of how they are different and similar.
  4. Define larger concept you can easily connect both items to. When you have completed comparing the smaller items think about something bigger or a larger concept they could be connected to. Some students may know this already and determined two smaller items or concepts to compare.
  5. Understand relationships between items and understand how they fit into larger concept. When you have two items to compare along with a larger 3 item, you should be able to determine their differences and how they are connected at the same time.
  6. Have solid details for each point discussed. Solid information is something true or has a clear perspective on how it is distinctly different from what it is being compared to.
  7. Establish logic order of how content is compared through the essay. As you compare your content it helps to start with most significant points first and finish with the least important or vice versa.