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Best College Essay Topics About Sports History: 15 Great Ideas

Your sports history essay for college needs a really great topic to stand out and take the lead above all the other essays your teacher has to read. A topic that has pulling power to grab your reader’s attention and keep their interest is the best kind. If you need some amazing topic ideas, keep reading. The topic suggestions that follow can be used as they appear or you can change them to make them uniquely yours.

  1. How has sports media changed over the centuries? From sports competitions of old that were founded on heroism and romanticism to the sports culture today that is founded upon mass advertising and global broadcasting.
  2. The use of drugs and steroids within sports – how have things changed since this issue first came to light?
  3. How media affects sports, or sports affects media – why is it that some events merit television coverage while others don’t?
  4. The prevention and aftercare of sporting injuries – which sports are most prone to high rates of injuries and why? Have famous athletes received the care they should have?
  5. For successful athletes involved in sports – what happens after their age reaches the top limits? Do they fall off the map?
  6. Sports history – any sport in any country could be the subject of a great essay.
  7. Sports in schools – how have students benefitted from being involved in sports programs?
  8. The history of hockey in Canada – what are some of the highlights?
  9. The evolution of basketball in the United States – what has changed in sportsmanship behaviors?
  10. Women in sports usually monopolized by men – what has changed and what has remained the same, comparing historically with currently.
  11. The importance of sports – historically they were based on skills prized by hunters, fishers, gatherers etc. How have things changed?
  12. The culture of sports – analyze the aspects of American culture that have become entwined with a particular sport.
  13. Has America grown an obsession with sports?
  14. Youth sports programs – character development, joy of accomplishment and life skills learned.
  15. How can sports be adapted to suit people with physical challenges? How has this field of sports changed over the decades?

Take one of the above ideas and develop it into a more focused, specific topic to use for your sports history essay. A little bit of research will help you discover the best sources to use.