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Ten Powerful Essay Topics On Teenage Pregnancy For College Students

Teenage pregnancy is a somewhat controversial issue, which makes it perfect for college essays. But because so many papers have already covered the topic, it’s not always easy to find a powerful one. Perhaps these ten powerful topics will spark your interest for your college essay about teenage pregnancy.

Sex education

The debate about whether sex education should be taught at schools rages on. Should sex education be routinely taught at schools to help prevent teenage pregnancy? Or does it simply lead to teenagers becoming sexually active at a younger age?

Providing contraceptives

Many people maintain that providing teenagers with contraceptives increases the likelihood that they will become sexually active at an early age. Others maintain that contraceptives lead to promiscuity. Is this the case? Or can providing contraceptives lower the rate of teenage pregnancy?

Influencing factors

The factors that lead to teenage pregnancy are not simple or clear cut, but it’s important to understand them in order to combat the problem. What are the suggested factors that lead to teenage pregnancy? Which of these are backed up by solid statistics?


Teenage parents can choose to give their child up for adoption. Should adoption be more heavily promoted as an option for teenage parents?


Another option for pregnant teenagers is abortion. Should abortion also be more heavily promoted as an option for pregnant teenagers?

Long term effects

It can’t be denied that teenage pregnancy often leads to negative long-term consequences for the teenagers involved. What are some of the major negative consequences of teenage pregnancy?

Statutory rape

If one or both of the teenage parents are below the legal age of consent, statutory rape becomes an issue. When a very young teenage girl falls pregnant, should the father automatically be charged with statutory rape?


Legally, a father is required to pay maintenance for his child if he is not married to the child’s mother. If a teenage father is too young to provide for his child, should his parents be forced to pay maintenance for the child instead?

Punishment for infanticide

Some teenage mothers hide their pregnancies and give birth in secret, after which they kill their newborns. Others simply leave their babies to die of exposure or from starvation. Should the punishment for these crimes be much harsher than it already is?

Forced healthcare

Many pregnant teenagers do not go for all the check-ups and scans that they need. Should those who skip check-ups face some sort of legal punishment?