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Who Will Help Me With Informative Essay Topics For College Students

The informative essay embodies the essence of education: educating others about a specific topic. Although their purpose is to inform another party, they ultimately don't present the writer's opinions nor try to persuade readers to follow such presumed opinions.

Informative essays do, however, have several functions:

  1. To define a topic or term.
  2. To compare and contrast a topic.
  3. To analyze information associated with a topic.
  4. To provide a 'how to' analysis of a topic.

In other words, the main goal of an informative essay is to 'inform or educate readers about any topic in several ways.

The Structure of An Informative Essay

Informative essays can be used to convey information about many different topics in several different ways. In fact, informative essays are often used to convey information in ways that could:

  • Explain something that many readers don't know.
  • Present new research about a specific topic.
  • Define complex terms in simple words.
  • Compare and contrast contesting perspectives.
  • Analyze how cause and effect relationships work.
  • Show readers how to solve problems or apply knowledge to solve a problem.

The structure of an informative essay comes in many forms. But, that alone shouldn't trouble college students who need to write an informative essay.

Writing An Informative Essay – Who Could Help?

Informative essays are deceptively difficult. In other words, they're very simple for many college students to write. Here are some basic tips that all college students should know about writing an informative essay:

  • Informative essays should be 3 to 5 pages long.
  • Informative essays should have at least 4 reputable sources.
  • Informative essays should be written in a formal, academic writing style.
  • Informative essays should contain information presented in an objective way devoid of opinion or persuasion.

What about selecting a topic? Many college students are tasked with selecting an appropriate topic of interest for their informative essays. Fortunately, here's some tips to help make that process a little easier:

  • The topic shouldn't be too general or broad—it should cover a specific subject or area of interest.
  • The topic should have enough information available for research.
  • The topic should be interesting and appropriate enough for readers.
  • The topic should ultimately interest the student writing the paper.

Topics for Informative Essay Writing

Before we go, here are a few topics that students can use to start writing their informative essay. Although general in nature, they represent a good starting point to help students find more specific topics for their essay.

Cause and effects of....

Causes of....

Effects of....

Advances in....

Types of....

How (subject) works....

How to....


Origins of....


Ways to....