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10 Argumentative Essay Topics Suggested By A+ Students

There are all types of students in schools; frivolous ones, truants; average students and bright-eyed ones. While most students go with the flow, there are a few that revolutionize the precept and add their own little theories to their academic development.

Asserting your side

There are several ways ingrained in the teaching approaches to ensure seminal development of students. Debates and argumentative essays are two beacons in this light. You have to extend yourself to the tee to assert your side of the argument.

Of course, it is required that the topic should evoke interest and passion and should be relevant and strategic. You can use the stratagem of discussing topics with the best of students. You will find the perspective of the pool of A+ students fresh and invigorating.

Let them explore

Let them exude charm by pressing on matters that are crucial to the society and touches their life in an inveterate way. Let them reach their pinnacle by asserting points to prove their point. Let them explore different territories and glean out pearls of wisdom.

You can give them sincere hints as to where they should lead their mind so that they don’t get deviated. Teach them the art of crafting intelligent and not insouciant topics. You should yourself conjure crafty topics to give them a clue.

Spark of inspiration

Remember how you would suddenly catch a spark of inspiration when you were a student. This happens with most interested student. Encourage them to use this spark. Urge them to take their chances.

Teach them to make a fair analysis of the topic; not just shout ferociously in support of a side when they arguing. They should see the light coming out of every pore of the topical theme. Their dissection should be transparent.

Meanwhile, here are 10 intriguing argumentative essay topics referred to by brilliant students –

  1. Should fast food be cut off from our lives?
  2. Should every school be co-ed to foster confidence and unifying spirit between the two sexes?
  3. Should taxpayers be made to pay for the indiscretions of criminals?
  4. Should Goods and Services Tax be uniformly and globally implemented?
  5. Will education technology take over from school education in future?
  6. Should import duties be universally reduced to a considerable extent on most products?
  7. Should the tax havens be allowed to stay?
  8. Should movies continue to objectify women for the pleasure of male gaze?
  9. Should the boycott of fake products culminate from common gentry?
  10. Is there any merit in Death Penalty?