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20 Amazing Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

Are you trying to come up with great topic ideas for middle school essays? Those who are struggling to come up with suitable and interesting topics then here are 20 of them to get you started:

  1. Should kids be allowed to have their own cell phones whilst in school?
  2. Should school uniforms be mandatory for all children?
  3. Are college athletes not given enough money for their contributions?
  4. Should school kids be encouraged to carry out community college?
  5. Would it be of benefit if all kids had to take an extra language course?
  6. Would it be a good idea to decrease the legal driving age to 14?
  7. How should plagiarism penalties be used to punish students?
  8. Should detentions after school be changed to detentions on weekends?
  9. Should middle school kids have control over the subjects that they take?
  10. Are teachers too polite with the students?
  11. Should more variety be offered on the lunch menu?
  12. Should the amount of homework be reduced by half?
  13. Should girls be encouraged to take part in sport as much as boys?
  14. How should kids be rewarded for the top grades?
  15. How can teachers do more to help their students get the top grades?
  16. Are there enough extracurricular activities at your school?
  17. Should your school be allowed to serve junk food at lunch?
  18. Is parent’s day an important date on the calendar?
  19. Should schools provide all the equipment and uniforms for their students?
  20. Should schools increase the frequency of day trips?

How To Get More Topic Ideas

Those who cannot connect with any of the topic ideas above should come up with their own ones. You can do this by checking out the many example essays available online. Visit a database that has many middle school persuasive essays across multiple categories. If you find a database that is large enough there should be plenty of example essays to get topic ideas from.

The best middle school topics are those that are related to the everyday life of a middle school student. Furthermore, topics that are trending are the most interesting to write about. That’s because it could be a topic that you are talking about on a daily basis.