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What Should I Write My Descriptive Essay About: A List Of Topic Ideas

Anyone who is going to spend time in high school or college should know how to write a descriptive essay. These are the most creative types of essays because writers get to create imagery with words. The descriptive essay not only describes the appearance, but the sound, smell, taste, and texture of the thing you are describing. This is what makes the essay so enjoyable to write. While creating imagery is a challenge for all writers, many students have difficulty choosing a descriptive essay topic. The topic you choose should be one that you know well and can visualize in your mind. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your first car
  • The ugliest pet
  • School - the sites, sounds, and smells
  • The best Halloween costume
  • The prettiest Christmas tree
  • Your favorite vacation destination
  • The tastiest pizza
  • The best burger
  • Your dream car - describe it without revealing the name of the car
  • Your favorite hotel lobby
  • The best table at a restaurant
  • A bowl of Halloween candy
  • Backstage at a play
  • The pit of an orchestra or band
  • The most exciting play in sports
  • Your dream wedding dress
  • Your dream home
  • The actor/actress who looks the most like you
  • Your family
  • Your perfect job
  • A cemetery
  • The idea funeral
  • Your favorite piece of art - without revealing the name of the art
  • Your favorite childhood toy
  • The most uncomfortable clothes you have ever worn
  • Beautiful shoes
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • The best place in the yoga studio
  • The experience of owning a brand new leather purse
  • The locker room after a football game
  • The inside of a workout bag
  • The five senses at the gym
  • A woodlot plot
  • Describe the reptile house at the zoo
  • The most memorable hike
  • Christmas morning

Descriptive essays can be about places, people, things, and ideas. The best descriptive essays get the reader involved with the subject. In some cases, the reader can get bored if he or she knows what the writer is describing, which is why it can be fun for readers to write the essay so the reader has to figure out the subject. If you do write this way, try not to be gimmicky and make the essay seem like an adventure in guessing. You want to keep the reader interested, but not frustrated by not knowing enough details to figure out the topic of the essay.