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Helpful Hints For Choosing A Strong College Narrative Essay Topic

Though many students think that a narrative essay is somewhat simpler than other projects (argumentative, compare and contrast, etc.), it can be just as difficult if you don’t know where to start or how to make the process of writing easier.

To begin with, you need to remember that writing can be an interesting process even if you are not a big fan of such assignments. All you need to do is choose a strong topic that you really like. Having such a topic will reduce your writing suffering by several times.

What is a strong narrative essay topic? Let’s see.

  • Strong topics are not banal. Quite often, students are offered a list of topics that is composed by their teacher. In some cases (in many cases, namely), such lists are quite old, and the number of projects dedicated to those ideas has already gone over dozens. Of course, if you want your project to be unique, choose a topic that has not yet been explored through and through. At least, try to provide a fresh point of view of the things that you are describing (in case you cannot choose any other topic except the ones offered by your teacher).
  • The best and strongest topic for you is the one you like. Whatever the type of project, you need to be interested in the things you are talking about. If you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, try to choose a sphere that makes you feel excited and inspires you to do deep research. Choosing it, you will choose a good mood that will accompany you through the whole time of working over the project.
  • If you need to choose a strong narrative paper topic, choose the one that reflects situations and experience that you have undergone in your real life. Writing about the things you have never tried can cause a weak impression of your project. The same can be said about projects that are meant to express your opinion on a certain piece of literature, music or a movie that you don’t know. You need to read (listen/watch) them first (or choose a topic that relates to things you have read/watched/ listened to) and then express YOUR OWN point of view, not copy somebody else’s critical thoughts. You should remember that you can be asked questions on your project, and you will be able to answer them and prove your points only in case you are describing your own thoughts.

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