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Discursive Essay Writing Topics: 22 Fresh Suggestions

There are many types of essay and discursive essay or argumentative academic paper is one of them. Writing academic paper on discursive topic is little bit different from general topic. In general type academic paper you can include information according the academic paper need and on the basis of your knowledge regarding the academic paper. You can also include other related topics but in case of discursive academic paper you have to include only that information which is strongly related to them and they must be argumentative.

In writing discursive academic paper you should keep in mind that you have to choose one idea and throughout the academic paper you have to stick to it. You have to strongly demonstrate your idea and also present some concrete examples that defend your concept. Don’t create confusion while writing. Sometime it is found that few students get confuse while writing their academic paper. It happens because the writers continue to write whatever comes to their mind and they do not read it again.

Fresh Suggestions on topics

While writing discursive academic paper you need to keep certain thing into your mind. In case of general academic paper, it will not be a great issue if you include other information but in case of discursive academic paper you must have to prove your idea by giving argumentative example to support it. So it is important to be aware of thing you write and if it is necessary or you get confuse in the middle of academic paper then you should read it from the beginning and again start it.

Here we are providing some fresh topic to write academic paper. It may be you are familiar with these topic but we recommend you to rethink about the topic and try to write it in discursive way. Present some strong reason to prove your assertion or idea.

  1. The successful story of your college days
  2. How to reduce fat and maintain it
  3. How to be glamorous in a low costing
  4. What is the way to choose appropriate dress for marriage
  5. Tips to write an attractive Resume to influence job providers
  6. What is the process of gravity or how does it works
  7. How to purchase a good car
  8. How to become a good chess gamer and achieve mastery over it
  9. How does the muscles of our body works.
  10. How to appeal in the Supreme Court and what is the process.
  11. How to get success in the exam
  12. How the tire of a car is changed

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