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A Manual For Creating An Interesting Reflective Essay On Study Skills

The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to explore how you have developed as a person through experience and education. It can deal with life issues, professional pursuits, personal likes or dislikes and any of a number of other subjects having to do with your unique position in understanding. Usually, you will reflect on a memory and present a case for you have developed as a person since the subject of that memory occurred. Here is a short but effective manual for creating an interesting reflective essay on study skills:

Consider when you first learned how to study:

It may be hard to recall but there was actually a time when you probably didn’t know what it meant to study and even less about how to go about it effectively. What were you given by the instructor to help you with this exercise? Did you get any practice in class where you can get assistance? Consider several questions about the learning process to gather content for your paper.

Make a list of a particular challenge you faced:

It’s rare for students to grasp new learning concepts immediately, as most will face a few challenges with such a strange and unfamiliar concept. Can you think of a particular challenge you faced when you were first learning to hone your study skills? Perhaps you couldn’t find a quiet space? Or maybe you weren’t as organized as you needed to be?

Describe what you did to overcome the challenge:

Now you’re starting to get to the core of your writing assignment in recalling what you had to do to overcome the challenges of developing your study skills. It’s not enough to say hard work: you want to be descriptive and select words that paint a vivid image of your experience. Brainstorm several ways of expressing your ideas to give you options for when you start writing your first draft.

Put it all together in a structured reflective essay:

Finally, you’re ready to get started with writing the drafts of your assignment. The technique for writing this paper is no different than how you would go about writing other papers. Start with a first draft and set that aside for a few days before coming back to revise your work. Don’t forget to proofread and edit before submitting your work. You’d be surprised at how even the best academic writers make small mistakes that greatly affect the reception of their work.

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