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Argumentative Essay Topics: 10 Issues You Can Write About

An argumentative essay is based on a controversial topic. You will need to decide on a topic that lies in that gray area. There is no right or wrong answer to these topics. It is solely based on your belief system. Your job when writing an argumentative essay is to convince your audience. You want to present your side using evidence. Choose a side of the issue and then use the facts to try and persuade your audience to believe in your side of the issue.

Choosing a topic for this type of paper is important. You want to choose a controversial issue. It will be one that has around as many supporters as it has opposition. Make sure that you are choosing a topic that you feel really strong about one side of the issue. It is easier to write a paper on a topic that you have strong opinions on either way. If you sit the fence, just choose a different topic.

  1. Border Fencing
  2. Internet censorship
  3. Legalized prostitution
  4. Minimum wage
  5. Medical marijuana
  6. National health care
  7. Racial profiling
  8. Progressive tax
  9. Occupy movement
  10. Terrorism

These are some of the most controversial issues of our time. You can choose one of these issues and write your paper on that topic. Be sure to take one side or the other. Then you will work to prove your side of the issue.

Be sure to remember that you will write three paragraphs to support the topic and then write a rebuttal. This is the only essay that includes the rebuttal paragraph. The rebuttal is where you list the opposing view and then you will submit evidence that directly refutes it. It is the best way to really support your paper. This paragraph should be at least six paragraphs long. You will have an introduction that explains the topic, three paragraphs expressing reasons why your side of the issue is valid, a rebuttal paragraph, and then a conclusion.

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